I am running for re-election to represent Ward 7. I have worked to include all voices in our community in the political process, and I will continue to advocate for you.


Waltham High School

In 2018, I supported using the land at 554 Lexington Street, and I kept my promise to support an eminent domain taking. I believe the long-term needs of Waltham’s community and our public schools are best supported on this site, and I also support the loan authorization necessary to fund construction of our new school.

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3-1-1 System

Did you know you can report infrastructure problems to the city of Waltham through an online form? This is a good first step in making it easy for residents to report potholes and other concerns, but I think we can do more. Waltham should implement a 3-1-1 system. Rather than hunting for the correct department, residents can simply pick up the phone and easily access the help they need with paving, trash pick-up, snow removal, or other problems. This investment will also help the city identify ongoing maintenance problems and address them early, before they worsen.


Information Technology

The city of Waltham’s website contains a lot of useful information, but does an incomplete job of informing they public. Additionally, Waltham’s audit has identified several security vulnerabilities that put our community and risk for expensive breaches, possibly compromising our data. I am actively working with city departments to improve our policies, and would support devoting additional resources to the city’s IT department to ensure that our data is safe, and our website is easy to use. 

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Gas leak tagging, March 2017

Gas leak tagging, March 2017


Green City Certification

In addition to providing rebates to homeowners for investing in sustainable technology, the state-funded Mass Save program also offers a Green Community program. Waltham should seek to qualify for this program, and funding could be used to improve the energy-efficiency of older city-owned buildings. Additionally, the new high school should be built with sustainability in mind, incorporating the most up-to-date technology and energy efficiency standards.


Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved. Volunteer, donate, or reach out with questions or problems your neighborhood is facing.