Waltham High School Building Project

A high quality educational program is one of the most important things a city can provide to its residents; although not all of us will send children through the Waltham Public School system, we all benefit from well educated young people who are given an education that meets their individual needs. The Waltham School and School Building Committees have developed a long-term education plan for Waltham, available here, which balances college prep courses with career and vocational training. This plan will serve the needs of Waltham’s children for decades to come, and the design of a new school is now well underway! Additional project information is available here.

In 2018, I supported using the land at 554 Lexington Street and voted in favor acquiring this property. This was a key issue in my previous campaign, and I kept my promise to support an eminent domain taking. This was a complex decision, the whole council wrestled with this issue to do what they believed was best for the city. While I supported using eminent domain to acquire the Stigmatine property, I did not and do not think governments should use eminent domain casually. However, I also believe the long-term needs of Waltham’s public schools are best supported on this site.

I trust the School and School Building Committees to continue their hard work in finalizing the schematic design for our new high schools, and to pursue ambitious goals for our educational program. I hope that I will earn the opportunity to continue working with them to support our new Waltham High School, and to fully fund this project. I will give full and careful consideration to any plan that requires input from the City Council, and will balance the needs of Waltham’s students and families against concerns that arise as this important work moves forward.